User Group

A User Group is involved in optimising the facilitation of potential users of CNSI. The User Group advises the CNSI director on the provisioning of infrastructure and facilities for CNSI guests, on prioritising equipment investments and on the organisation of workshops and outreach and education activities. The User Group also plays a role in the drafting of a knowledge agenda for the Caribbean. The provisioning of facilities and drafting of a knowledge agenda are closely interrelated. (Potential) users of CNSI may contact the User Group and engage in the debate on building an institute with maximum relevance as to the interests of our users and to shared knowledge priorities of the region. 

Help building on a Mutual Caribbean Knowledge Agenda and share your knowledge priotities with us (mail to

Share your ideas for knowlegde facility infrastructure and your suggestions for workshop and conference themes (mail to

Or contact one of the User Group members below:

Outreach and Education


Berry van der Hoorn (Naturalis)

Earth and Life Sciences


Erik Meesters (IMARES)

Social Sciences and Humanities


Rosemarijn Hofte (KITLV)