Science Café

CNSI’s Science Café is a recurring informal get-together 'every third Thursday of the month' of staff and guests of CNSI and residents and visitors of St Eustatius to inspire and engage each other in discussions and networking opportunities relevant to knowledge building for the sustainable development of St Eustatius, the Caribbean Netherlands and the Caribbean region. Guests of CNSI will be asked to give lectures for the general public. CNSI also invites speakers from other organisations on a regular basis. These lectures should give an insight into the work CNSI supports and show how it relates to the people's lives and interests. In this way CNSI can reach out to the people of St Eustatius, exchange ideas and gain support at this most relevant level. While enjoying a drink and a snack at the Science Café, the public has the opportunity to take part in the discussion of knowledge priorities, contibuting to a Knowledge Agenda for St Eustatius and the Caribbean Netherlands.

Science Café Agenda



Jetske Vaas - Corallita on Statia: precious or pestering pink?

Marieke Zobel - The distribution and dispersion of the Red-bellied racer snake on the Quill

Erik Houtepen & Mervina Redan - Coral Restoration update

Hannah Madden & Frank Rivera-Milan - Population Assessment of the Bridled Quail-dove

Teresa Leslie - Dutch Caribbean preparedness for mosquito-borne infectious diseases (DUCAMID)

Hannah Madden - Nature Awareness

Erik Boman - Size at maturity and reproductive season in queen conch (Lobatus gigas)

Marlous Heemstra and Alwin Hylkema -Small Island Management

Shelley Works and George Works - Weather Forecasting on Statia

Fionne Kiggen - Ecology of Caribbean sea turtles

Gershon Lopes - Soil Degradation

Johan Stapel – Climate Change and Building with Nature

Idske Vermeer - Coastal erosion on St Eustatius

Erik Houtepen - Coral restoration

Tim van Wagensveld - Green iguana threat for lesser Antillean iguana

Frank van Spelde - The Prehistoric Settlement at Godet and Smoke Alley, a preliminary assessment

Thomas Scheepers, Cheryl Oostveen, Lisa & Nina Meels -  Aedes Aegypti

Kimberly de Hoo - Evaluation of the IMS-Dengue

Vera van de Beek - A baseline study on (additional) prenatal care on Sint Eustatius

Anika Hagedorn - Food security in Sint Eustatius

Matt Davies - Cataloguing the icthyofauna of St Eustatius Part 2: Which fish do we find where, and why?

Leonie van der Zwet - Giant African Land Snails

Pamela Berkel, Marietza Patrick and Lenaldo Courtar - Statia @ Heart

Matt Davies - Cataloguing the icthyofauna of St Eustatius. Which fish are where?

Jasper Molleman - Effects of Corallita on higher trophic levels

Martin de Graaf - Status and trends of St. Eustatius’ coral reef ecosystem and fisheries: 2015 report card

Felicia Fricke - Lives of enslaved individuals

Steve Piontek - Fish attracting devices

Erik de Ruijter van Steveninck and David Goldsborough - Introduction to sustainable island management

Lara Uphoff and Friso Dalm - The Giant African Land Snail on Statia

Indra Firmansyah - Integrated assessment of nutrient flows on St Eustatius

John Hanley - Country presentations sustainable island management Nevis

Shanna Emmanuel - Country presentations sustainable island management St Lucia

Gert Oostindie and Wouter Veenendaal - Confronting Caribbean Challenges: Hybrid Identities and Governance in Small-scale Island Jurisdictions. Presentation of the Results of the Opinion Survey on St Eustatius

Matt Davis - 2015 In-Water Sea Turtle Monitoring

Walter Hellebrand - The Greater The History, ....

Niels Verboon and Amerik Schuitemaker - Beach profile & beach debris survey St. Eustatius

Alice Webb and Didier de Bakker - Bioerosion of corals by excavating sponges in a changing ocean

Kirsten de Klein and Els van Coeverden - Facilitators and barriers towards acceptance of methods used to control disease transmission by the Aedes aegypti mosquito in Sint Eustatius

Tim van Wagensveld - The behaviour and distribution of Iguana delicatissima on Sint Eustatius

Francio Guadeloupe - Futures in the Present: religious, national, and Kingdom perspectives on Statia

Nicole Sanches - Golden Rock I will always miss you: playing with migrancy in the classroom

Jetske Vaas - The French way. Guadeloupe and invasive species management

Elizabeth Haber - Integrating ecology and social science to study invasive plants on Statia

Naturalis - Terrestrial Expedition and Tropical Biodiversity Course

Jessica Berkel and Claire Winfield - Introduction

Jillian Morris and Duncan Brake - The Role of Media and Science in Shark Conservation

Anthony Reid and George Berkel (Ras Jamal) - Plant a cup and save a Buck do it yourself farming tips

Ismael Berkel - Boyhood life on Statia

Anouk Puijk - The analysis of ecological networks on Sint Eustatius

Roland Lopes - A short history of St Eustatius

Ruud Stelten - Ship wrecks of St Eustatius

Elisabeth Haber - Investigating habitat characteristics of terrestrial invasive species on Statia The story of Coralita and Tan Tan

Adrien Lowenstein - Status and trends of the St Eustatius coral reefs

Manon Sanquinet - Lion fish culling program on Statia

Wendy Jesse - Investigating habitat characteristics of terrestrial (invasive) herpetofauna on Statia

Bert Hoeksema, Susan Hewitt - Statia Marine Biodiversity Expedition 2015, Seashells of Statia

Willem van Wijk - Climate change on St. Eustatius

Reynaldo Redan - Fishing on Statia

Lotte Bakker - Determinants of Obesity among the Local Population of Sint Eustatius

Thijs van den Burg - Research and monitoring work on Statias' Iguana delicatessima population

Roy Hooker - Knowledge and Statia

Linde van Bets - Socioeconomic and ecological impact of Nustar

Joseph Wagman - Mosquito-born diseases on Statia

Josh Robertson - Breeding Success of Red-Billed tropicbirds (Phaethon aethereus)

Erik DeMarche - Brain Tanning

Sophie Vonk - Finding juvenile queen conch at Statia

Bob Ricklefs, Leticia Soares, Steven Latta - Biogeography of West Indian birds and their malaria parasites

Hannah Madden - The native bees of St Eustatius

Steve Piontek, Matt Davies - Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network

Prof Dr Henk Dijkstra - Sea level changes in the Caribbean Sea

Joey de Hamer - Climate change predictions for St Eustatius and its possible impacts on the island

Steffan Walton - Confirming the presence/absence of the Brown Trembler on St Eustatius

Wouter ten Harkel - Modelling rill erosion on St Eustatius

Huite Bootsma - Estimating groundwater recharge on St Eustatius

Sander Hekkema, Raven Cammenga - Sustainable pot fishing and ghost fishing at St Eustatius

Axel van Ruitenbeek, Lilou Verhulst - Gastro intestinal parasites on Statia

Briana Berkowitz - The distribution of Corallita on Statia

Marine Life - Screening of ‘rough cut’ The Golden Rock