Advisory Panel

The Advisory Panel is part of the organisation structure of CNSI and consists of a chairperson from St Eustatius and members of relevant institutions from at least the six Dutch islands in the Caribbean. The Advisory Panel advises the CNSI director on policy development and management of CNSI, in particular regarding regional objectives and the embedding of CNSI in local and regional communities. The Advisory Panel may submit solicited and unsolicited advice to the CNSI director. The CNSI director provides the Advisory Panel with the appropriate documentation.

The Advisory Panel will be endorsed by the CNSI Steering Group.


Members for the Advisory Panel are currently being solicited.

Terms of Reference

Members of the Advisory Panel represent organisations that are relevant with respect to the mission and objectives of CNSI.

The Advisory Panel consists of a chairman from a relevant organisation at St Eustatius and at least six members each representing a relevant organisation at one of the six Dutch Caribbean islands.

There is no fixed maximum as to the number of the Advisory Panel members. The Steering Group determines a workable number of representatives in the Panel and a balanced, complementary composition, referring to the mission and objectives of CNSI.

It is not necessary for the Advisory Panel to meet in person. Communication between the members can be organised electronically.

The Advisory Panel will be asked to respond to strategic documents of CNSI.

All members of the Advisory Panel individually are entitled to submit unsolicited advice as to e.g. research priorities, mission and objectives of CNSI at any time.

Input from the Advisory Panel is coordinated by the Panel’s chairman and discussed during Steering Group meetings two times per year and critically considered. CNSI, Steering Group and Royal NIOZ are not committed to follow up the advice of the Advisory Panel, in which case a written explanation will be sent to the chairman of the Advisory Panel.

There is no fee applicable as to membership of the Advisory Panel.